Li-Ning Aeronaut 9000i Instinct

New Li-Ning Aeronaut 9000i Instinct

The Aeronaut series of badminton rackets benefits from technologies derived from aeronautics with two slots in the middle of the frame (at 5 and 7 o'clock). Whipping speed, control and accuracy are improved, while air resistance is reduced for more speed. Perfect for players looking for control without sacrificing power.

The Li-Ning Aeronaut 9000I is nothing less than a beast! An extremely head-heavy and very lightweight racket, the Li-Ning Aeronaut 9000i fuels aggressive stroke play and effortless smashes. This racket comes engineered with an Air-Stream Channel Design that reduces air resistance to enable you to play heavy smashes with ease. To control frame restoration, the racket is equipped with Wing Stabilizer technology. For consistent hitting velocity, the racket comes incorporated with Li-Ning's trademark technology, Dynamic Optimum Frame. Carbon fiber and resin have been combined tightly using TB-Nano technology to ensure better elasticity, stability, and durability.

 If you are an attacking player or looking to boost up your aggression, then look no further, your search ends here with this Instinct series racket, the Aeronaut 9000I. This racket features a heavy head and a flexible shaft that allows quick movement of the racket in the desired direction. This series is a perfect match for players who prefer lightweight rackets and want to inject swiftness and speed in both shots and movement.  A flexible racquet weighing approximately 79 grams relies on a very pronounced head balance at 327mm. As a result, you get a handy but also very offensive and explosive racket!

Dominantly black, this Li-Ning frame gives pride of place to purple and gold to energize this frame. In terms of material, the Chinese firm has opted for the TB Nano for an effective combination of carbon fibers and resin to provide you with an above-average lifespan. To reinforce this desire for solidity, the multilayer carbon fibers are of excellent quality (MPCF Reinforcing Technology) while the flexible upper is adorned with the Stabilized Elastic Shaft, a process incorporating the same aramid fibers like those used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests


Aeronaut Series Rackets are built with a unique airstream channel in the head, that reduces the drag coefficient of the racket which allows it to generate higher shuttle speeds.


The sturdy Aeronaut 9000I racket comes equipped with TB Nano Technology that binds carbon fiber and resin tightly. This makes way for powerful smashes and striking without you having to worry about its stability or durability.


The Aeronaut 9000I is equipped with the UHB Shaft technology that optimizes the shaft’s frontal bend resulting in powerful smashes.


This racket comes engineered with the Cubic Locking technology where the cubic grommet is locked within the slim groove. This ensures that the strings are provided extra protection by effectively absorbing shock and warrants a controlled performance.












FLEX Flexible
WEIGHT 5U (79gms), S1 Grip
BALANCE Head Heavy
FRAME MATERIAL 100% Carbon fibre
SHAFT MATERIAL Stabilized Elastic Shaft, UHB Shaft
Balance Point 327mm
Technology Aeronaut Technology, Wing Stabilizer, MPCF Reinforcing Technology, Dynamic-Optimum Frame, Cubic Locking, Stabilized Torsion Angle

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